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"Midnight Mass eerie soundtrack is yet another masterpiece by The Newton Brothers".

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Andy & Taylor have firmly established themselves as one of the most dynamic and innovative composing duos in the film and television industry today. With a versatile background that spans a wide range of genres, their music seamlessly blends traditional orchestration with electronic elements, creating immersive and emotionally resonant scores. Their upcoming project involves writing the score for Marvel's eagerly anticipated "X-Men '97" animated TV series, a revival of the beloved 1990s cartoon that promises to bring a fresh perspective while honoring its rich legacy. The duo's involvement signals Marvel's commitment to a high-quality auditory experience, underscoring the action-packed adventures of the X-Men with their signature sound.

Their talent for creating compelling musical narratives previously shone brightly in their score for "Five Nights at Freddy's," the film adaptation of the popular video game. Their music played a pivotal role in heightening the suspense and terror that defined the movie, contributing significantly to its success both at the box office and on streaming platforms. The film became a cultural phenomenon, with audiences and critics alike praising the score for enhancing the eerie atmosphere and intensifying the horror elements. This project underscored the Newton Brothers' ability to adapt their unique sound to the demands of the horror genre, further solidifying their reputation as versatile composers capable of elevating storytelling through music.

Beyond the realm of cinema, they have also left a significant mark on television. Their score for the hit Netflix series “The Fall of the House of Usher” garnered widespread acclaim, resonating with viewers and critics and playing a crucial role in the show's emotional depth and narrative complexity. The success of this series not only showcased the duo's knack for creating memorable and affecting music but also demonstrated their contribution to the series' overall impact and popularity. As they prepare to venture into the Marvel Universe with "X-Men '97," their track record of success promises an auditory experience that will both captivate and enchant fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.





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