The Haunting Of Hill House

" If the score for “The Haunting of Hill House” was a book I would use that cliche that “I couldn’t put it down”. If this were a book I would have read it cover to cover almost without breathing. It’s not a book, it’s music, it’s a TV score, one hour long, and it’s superb.

Listen to Film.Music.Media's Interview with Andy on their score for Ouija: Origin of Evil. 

Cinemascene hosts film composers The Newton Brothers @wgwgdotorg. They share their approach to film soundtracks and their music history with Noel T Manning II

The Newton Brothers recorded the score in the heart of Nashville’s Music Row at Ocean Way Studio in a restored church—an intentional choice to reflect that one of the principal characters of the film is a priest. Numerous music icons have recorded in the converted 100-year-old Gothic revival church including Dolly Parton, Celine Dion, Megadeath and Blake Shelton.

The studio has the capacity to record an 80-piece orchestra, as well as house the largest circa 1970s Neve console in the world. For Ouija: Origin of Evil, the composers utilized the acoustical space to create a singular score. In addition, to stay true to the film’s era, they intentionally avoided using any modern instruments. In regards to instrumentation, The Newton Brothers stated: “Strings, woodwinds, piano, water phone, percussion and various live-recorded Foley noises were incorporat...

Andy and Taylor talk about their process for scoring Ouija: Origin of Evil and using only traditional instruments to stay true to the era of the film.

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